Managing GenderGP Payments

Managing GenderGP Payments

However, we have noticed that some requests are experiencing delays due to our system being unable to locate payment details.

Our system cross-references these for Set Up Fees, Paper Prescriptions, Prescriber Referrals and Subscriptions.

So, how can you tackle this?

If you are facing payment related hiccups, ensure all payments align with one of the email addresses provided in your form. Once matched, your request will breeze through the system. 

What if you have already paid from a different email address?

Simply resubmit your request via our Help Centre using the email address linked to your payment. This ensures smooth sailing for your request. 

Unsure how to change your subscription email?

Head over to your Customer Portal powered by Stripe. There, you can either update your payment email using the Link payment feature, or create a fresh subscription using the email address you have shared with us. 

But why might your payment email differ from the one you provided?

If you have used Apple/Google Pay, it automatically defaults to the email address associated with these platforms. No worries! Just make a new request via our Help Centre using this as your payment email address.

You might wonder why we prioritise email addresses as an identifier…

Well, email is universally accessible, uniquely tied to each individual and less likely to change compared to other identifiers. Plus, it seamlessly integrates across all platforms and our payment provider. 

Yet to settle your fees?

Simply visit our Subscription and Payments page to wrap things up. 

Once you have provided the correct email addresses to us and all fees are paid, we will swiftly locate your payment and process your request.

A huge thank you for your cooperation in getting this sorted. We look forward to continuing to support you every step of the way.

Warmest Wishes,